Mobile Device Management

MDM provides total management for mobile and PC. Provision settings and restrictions, manage inventory and device tracking, remote wipe an entire device or selectively just the managed apps and data, and remotely view and live troubleshoot using the included native remote desktop support.

Mobile App Management

MAM provides total application delivery and control. Deploy in-house developed and public apps, provide an automatically generated enterprise app store along with included cloud hosting, send managed-app configuration, utilize volume app licensing, and take advantage of simple and powerful native app containerization.

Mobile Content Management

MCM provides access policies for file distribution, replacement, and deletion. Use enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) e.g. Dropbox integration, enable shared use of mobile devices, take advantage of Per-App and Always-on VPN , configure conditional access to files, and control copy/paste and e-mail attachments.

Mobile Identity

MI is used to provide device context and automatically add or remove apps and settings as well as update network policies, including:

  •  Geolocation
  •  User Groups
  •  Device Type
  •  Time of Day
  •  Custom Tags
  •  Security Posture


The Right Apps - The Right Access


Staff gets productivity apps and WiFi with certificates


Employees get content and email apps then automatically VPN to home base


Students get education apps and can't use the camera or Messages onsite